The splitting machine is normally used for dividing the skin in two part cutting it in the sense of the thickness theoretically realizing two skins of equal surface and half thickness. The splitting process is needed when the thickness of the skin is more high than the thickness requested for the finished leather. The splitting machine is the first continuous tannery machines and between all other machines is considered the most complex both for its technology of construction and for the difficulties that you meet in the regulation. The splitting machine is able to work dry leather, wet-blue leather, pichel leather, pelli in trippa; appreciated besides its use in the field of the textile and the rubber. The best producers are RIZZI, MOSCONI, MERCIER.


Splitting machine Rizzi SPI complete rebuilding


Splitting machine Mercier Scimatic x6 complete rebuilding 1500 mm & 3000 mm mod.emc


Splitting machine gMercier Scimatic X6 1500 complete rebuilding mod.emc


Splitting machine Rizzi SR 6 complete rebuilding
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